Why Wood Flooring

Are You Considering Hard Wood Flooring? Here Are Some Things to Consider.

Hardwood flooring can be the centerpiece of your home or business wherever you may live or work, bringing beauty and warmth to your surroundings. Hardwood flooring is not only a design choice but it can also be an environmental choice. Wood floors are a renewable resource, environmentally friendly, and can improve the air quality of your home because they don’t trap dust, pollen and other allergens. And not to mention, wood floors also have the added benefit of looking gorgeous.

Wood flooring gives you the ultimate in timeless elegance, flexibility and durability. Its hard wearing qualities and range of styles make it perfect for any room in the house. Wood is natural and grows in our forests. Wood is beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, non-allergenic, and creates an ambiance that lasts a long time.

Hardwood floors are preferred over carpet flooring because they don’t trap the dust, pollen and other allergens like carpets do. Hardwood floors are proven to be much more sanitary and hygienic than carpeting. Also, carpets need a lot more cleaning and maintenance than hardwood floors. Hardwood floors should never have to be replaced and will enhance or even increase the value of your home.

Wood floorings are ideal for virtually any environment whether it is used as industrial flooring or home flooring as it provides an unrivalled beauty to most other forms of flooring. Hardwood Flooring is extremely easy to maintain. By simply wiping your floor you can help maintain your hardwood floors illustrious look for many years to come.

Hardwood floors are very competitively priced and represent an excellent value when compared to other flooring options. Hardwood flooring is more durable and will last longer than any other type of hard surface, including ceramic tile. Hardwood can be installed virtually anywhere in your home except perhaps areas that are subject to moisture such as a bathroom.

Hardwood floors are much like other flooring materials as in there are many different price points. There are inexpensive hardwood floors and there are more expensive hardwood floors. So choosing hardwood flooring for your home requires detailed consideration of your general theme, self installation or professional installation, and, of course, your budget. You want to be acquainted with the assorted styles of hardwood flooring so you’ll be able to make a wise selection between products.

Hardwood floors are, well, just that; hard wood. We won’t cover Laminated flooring here. Hardwood floors are made up from planks of hardwood that are assembled as to create a singular surface. Hardwood flooring is available in either solid or engineered construction; both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The solid wood types is usually cut from a ¾” thick solid piece of wood and is manufactured with tongue and groove sides to join the boards together and are nailed to a subfloor. The main advantage of solid wood flooring is its ability to be re-sanded and refinished over many years. It is not uncommon for solid wood floors to last 50 years or more. You can get these in unfinished or prefinished and in just about any species imaginable. But there are some limitations to where solid hardwood floors should be installed such a below grade condition like as a basement or bathroom, high moister areas.

The engineered wood flooring is made up of layers, usually about 5 but can be upwards of 10 layers. These layers are oriented in different directions for strength, and glued under pressure. This type of wood floor is also a tongue and groove system and can be installed using nails or glued down, called “floating”. Engineered wood flooring is less susceptible to shrinkage and expansion due to fluctuations in humidity and/or temperature. You can install engineered wood floors directly over concrete and may be installed in below grade applications unlike solid wood floors.

Hardwood flooring is a smart flooring decision. It is competitively priced compared to the alternatives and probably cheaper in the long run. Hardwood flooring is more sanitary and “livable” for us, the inhabitance.

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