Chris Edwards Custom Wood Floors has been in business since 1985, that’s 24 years of providing high quality wood flooring for the North Eastern Oklahoma area.

At Chris Edwards Custom Wood Floors service is priority one along with a large selection of quality products blended with immense experience and knowledge of hardwood flooring.  Don’t trust your wood flooring to just anybody, use one of the most qualified experts in the field. Dedicated to Quality flooring the way the customer wants, using a wide variety of high quality hard woods.

Chris Edwards Custom Wood Floors offers an extensive selection of hardwood flooring products from all over the world. Consider the broad range of naturally occurring red, yellow, white, black, purple and pink woods from Africa, Asia South America and the United States. Then, to many rich color options, add the different grain and texture possibilities such as quarter sawn (straight), flat, lace, curly, and burls to complete the picture and present the perfect aesthetic.